Grant Applications Update: 0/1

Just a quick blog post this morning to say that I heard back from one of the two granting organizations that I had applied to for funds to make my new film, and unfortunately the news was not good. I had applied for funds to write a script for the new movie (essentially research and development) from CALQ and the Canada Council for the Arts. I received an e-mail from Canada Council this weekend saying that I was disqualified since I didn't meet their criteria for the grant, which is that I had to be a "mid-career" artist to access scriptwriting funds. Being a mid-career artist meant that I had to have 2 films under my belt, but I only had one. I tried to pad my resume with past experience releasing CDs and working in the music industry to establish that I was a mid-career artist and not an emerging artist, but no dice. I'm actually not surprised, as I knew going in it was a long-shot, but I wanted to go through the process of applying for the grant to gain the experience, and I'm glad I did.


So I'll wait to hear back from CALQ, and continue to prepare for the next round of grant applications in the Spring for the actual production of the film.



P.S.- Have you ever been rejected for a grant? What was the reason? Let us commiserate...

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