On Repeat Podcast Episode 5: Aly Tadros

The latest episode of my podcast “On Repeat” is now up (listen below or go to episode here: http://bit.ly/Y6frn2)

This month features a song by Chloe Charles (Toronto) that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head, a melancholy song from Corinna Rose (Montreal), a jealous anthem from Mieka Pauley (New York), and several great songs from featured artist Aly Tadros (Brooklyn), including a sweet ukulele tune that is one of the catchiest you’ll ever hear.

For the feature interview, I had the chance to chat with Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Aly Tadros about life as an independent musician, her fast rise in the industry, her many travels around the world, and about her new album which is garnering buzz from the likes of MTV, Paste Magazine, and American Songwriter. My goal with the podcast is to combine great conversation with great music, and I think this one really achieved that. Hope you enjoy it:

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